Our History~

Built in 1859, The Morey House is the third oldest house still standing in Placerville, and built just 10 years after the gold rush and 10 years prior to the completion of the Trans-continental Railroad, GlenMorey Bed and Breakfast is older than 150 years. It's original owner and builder, Dr. Isaac Titus, only stayed in the home 10 years before being elected to state senate. He then sold the home to Henry and Ellen Morey, who raised 3 Children in the house while running a successful foundry business. One of their children raised their family here. It had a number of private owners in the 1950s and 60s, before it became a bed and breakfast in 1977, and then a bio-marine consulting company in the 1990s.  It was again a private home in 2001 when Tom and Alison Loeprich and mother, Maggie Smith, purchased it and returned it to bed and breakfast operation, so that many people could enjoy her history.