We have a flock of happy hens providing fresh organic eggs for your breakfast. They are allowed to free range for an hour or two each evening, and are kept safely in our henhouse until a respectable hour each morning. We often have new chicks in the spring. (Really, REALLY not allowed in the inn!)

This is Lucas, our family dog. (Neither he nor the children are allowed in the Inn.)

This is Meringue and Mocha, our organic dairy goats. Milking demonstrations available upon request. (They are not allowed in the inn, either!)

Tom and Alison Loeprich have been Innkeeping at GlenMorey house since 2001.They have a family of 4 children and routinely trade off Innkeeping and childrearing responsibilities.Before becoming head chef at Glenmorey,Tom got his M.F.A.in Acting from Cal State Fullerton,and continues to be involved by acting, directing, and being on the board of The Olde Coloma Theater.He also enjoys an watching football and is an avid reader of historical biographies.Alison enjoys organic vegetable and livestock farming,genealogy, garage sales,and is known to be a bit of a slow foods activist. She enjoys doing pinterest crafts with the kids and also loves books.In our slow season we both are substitute high school teachers.The children do not participate in Innkeeping, but you might see them about the property weed whacking or collecting eggs!We know that you have many options when spending your vacation dollars.By supporting small businesses you preseve this variety during more difficult economic times. Your patronage directly supports our family.Thank you for choosing us!

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