Why Are Our Specials So Great??

Recently, one of our very satisfied guests admitted to me upon checkout that he had been a little unsure about booking with us because our rates were so good. "I was worried we would get what we paid for, and was so happy to find out what a great place this is!" he told me. Well, the thought that having such good rates might actually be discouraging some customers troubled me greatly, so I thought I'd address it here. The answer is simple....Empty rooms do us no good. Happy customers may return during better economic times, and tell their friends about us. In addition, if we do NOT fill our rooms we have to substitute teach at the local Jr. High. If you have ever substitute taught at a Jr. High, you will understand why our specials are so great!! ;)       


Standard Rates

Our rates are $139 per night for any room. Rates are for double occupancy with a $20 charge per extra person (children 5-18 $10). We have a weekly rate of $649 and a single person midweek business rate of $85.  When making an advance booking involving a Friday or Saturday night, we are asking for a two night minimum stay. We do not require a two night stay on rooms reserved less than one week in advance, or during the months of Jan-Mar.  THERE IS NEVER A MINIMUM STAY REQUIREMENT FOR ANY OTHER NIGHT, Except Thanksgiving. We appreciate your understanding! 



Warning! Specials are only good when booked through this website! Specials are not valid when booked through my high commission partners. Specials must be purchased by cash or check. An additional $20 charge will apply to special for using another source of payment (example: credit card or gift card). Specials must be requested! Please indicate which special you would like in the "specials and special needs" section of your booking form. Specials will be reflected in your email confirmation. Major holidays, wine passport, and October weekends are excluded.  Only one special may apply to each night.


1. Take $20 off any night just for asking!
2. Take a 2nd room for $50 Sun-Thurs.

3. Take $50 off your second night Sunday-Thursday.